About the e-Science Institute

The e-Science Institute (eSI) was founded in August 2001, as a central focus for the e-Science community in the UK. Its mission is to stimulate the creation of new insights in e-Science and computing science by bringing together international experts and enabling them to successfully address significant and diverse challenges. The Institute has developed considerable experience in stimulating and organising meetings and workshops for the UK e-Science community, and of hosting visitors who interact with that community.

Research themes form the core of eSI’s activity. A theme is a connected programme of visitors, workshops and events, conceived and driven by a Theme Leader, focusing on a specific issue in e-Science that crosses boundaries and raises new research questions. Themes set out to identify the research issues, rally a community of researchers and map a path of future research that will make best progress towards new e-Science methods and capabilities.

The e-Science Institute also hosts individual workshops, including regular community events, discipline-based tutorials, and on-off workshops in response to the emerging needs of particular e-Science communities. The Visitor’s Programme provides funding for visiting researchers to come to eSI to pursue collaborations, explore ideas, and make new connections in the world of e-Science.

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