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eSI Annual Report

13 July, 2011

The e-Science Institute Annual Report 2009-2010 is now available. Covering research themes on digital programming abstractions, arts and humanities, fly brain, climate change, sky surveys, Web 2.0 and automated experimentation, as well as a...

Success and Surprise

27 September, 2010

Science thrives on the tension between predictability and surprise. Predictability, because scientists assure their funding bodies that they will achieve some particular, important result within a certain timescale, and surprise, because the...

Climate Change: What You Need To Know

18 March, 2010

From the C5 to the Segway, technological history is littered with the wrecks of products, created with great effort and ingenuity, that were simply not what the consumer needed. Are climate change predictions doomed to the same fate? Are the...

Mapping Meaning

5 November, 2009

Maps are all about what you choose to display, and what you leave out. Street maps are more useful than satellite photographs if you want to find your way around a city, while you want much more information about the steepness of a slope if you...

A New Age for the Oldest Science

15 August, 2009

For millennia, astronomy meant looking at the night sky and sketching what you saw. In this way the first star maps were made, with the relative brightnesses of stars estimated by eye and the routes of the wandering planets traced against the...

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