Dynamic Distributed Data-intensive Programming Abstractions and Systems (3DPAS)

Theme number: 17
Theme leaders: Shantenu Jha
Duration:1 August, 2010 - 31 July, 2011

D is for Dynamic. Making run-time decisions to move data around computational nodes, move the computation to the data, or recreate the data on the fly.

D is for Distributed. Data that cannot all be pulled together into one place for processing, whether for security and ownership concerns or because particular computations require specific platforms.

D is for Data-Intensive. Large and complex data sets, driving new approaches to computational science.

3D computing is where these three data challenges converge.

This theme seeks to understand the landscape of dynamic, distributed, data-intensive computing: the programming models and abstractions, the run-time and middleware services, and the computational infrastructure. It will analyse existing tools and services, identify missing pieces and new abstractions, and propose practical solutions and best practices.

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